elderly people drink porridge in moderation

As the saying goes, “Porridge brings health and longevity to the senior.” Since the ancient time, many elderly people have taken this sentence as wisdom of keeping fit. Indeed, the digestive system of the elderly people has been depressed and porridge is really good for digestion. But if they have porridge every day, especially those who have porridge twice or three times a day, their digestive system will not work so well.


If the elderly people have porridge in a long term, they would easily get nutritional deficiencies. Because the porridge people used to have is monotonous in composition. For example, the North porridge is mainly based on the cereal like rice, millet and so on; while the South porridge is added few vegetables, meat, eggs or fruit, it is still insufficient of the nutritional contents of the subsidiary food like vegetable and meat when comparing with the a normal meal. In addition, many elderly people would only have porridge with a small amount of oil-less Lin as the porridge is relatively enough. If things go on like this, the 40 kinds of essential daily nutrition for human body would be deficient. Besides, the process of chewing is actually the process of digestion. Chewing rice promotes saliva secretion, and the saliva enzymes have a preliminary digestion of starches in food. However, after the mixed boiled of cereals and water and forming as chyme, it would be digested by gastric field without the effects of saliva. The saliva has functions of neutralizing stomach acid and repairing the gastric mucosa. But when people eat porridge, their saliva is almost not produced, not good for protecting the stomach. Moreover, it needs less chewing when having porridge, which reduces activity of teeth, and even accelerate the degeneration of the chewing organs of the elderly people. And food like porridge consists less contents of fiber, which is also not good for defecation of elderly people.

The more expensive cosmetic, the less harmful to human health

Nowadays, cosmetic has already been the necessities for people, especially for female. From skin whiten to the wrinkle removal, from the face cream to the eye cream, from the shampoo to the bath liquid, all of these cosmetics are well popular with all ages by their different functions. Many people believe that the more expensive cosmetics are less harmful to health, or even harmless to health. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Though the cosmetic has beautification function, all of which are chemical synthesis products and would volatile various harmful things more or less. The cosmetics contain some chemical compositions which could be used to remove beverage and whiten skin, such as mercury, lead, arsenic and so on. We could hardly see the contents of these compositions and its compound by sight. But the cosmetics we use every day could be absorbed by our surface skin, then they will get into the dermis and finally penetrate into subcutaneous tissue. At the same time, those metal chemical molecules also enter into the internal of human body. After being oxidized, these will volatile and hurt various organs of our body.

Mercury is the only metal which often exists in liquid form. Since its special physical properties, which are apt to be absorbed by organism, mercury is often used in various types of whitening and the production of beverage removing. However, if the mercury is excessive, it will cause the loss of pigment, irritate and even damage the skin. Meanwhile, it will also have a variety of adverse impacts, mainly on the central nervous system, such as poor sleep, fatigue, memory loss, and especially emotional changes which might be very obvious. Apart from the impact of skin, the damage of human body of lead also lead to the weak of nervous. And after being absorbed, it will affect the digestive system, mainly showing as constipation, loss of appetite. Finally it even damages the liver function.

Besides, though arsenic has strong affinity for protein and amino acid, its toxicity is great. If people use it for a long time, it will also cause the nervous system changes and lead to the change of the peripheral nerves at the same time, bringing about hand hemp, foot hemp, weak, ache and so on. What’s more, the skin may turn black, and pigmented.